From Pursuit to Preservation Gallery Tour

From Pursuit to Preservation: The History of Human Interaction with Whales explains and explores the human fascination with whales and the history of whaling in New Bedford in a global context. This audio tour, written and narrated by our partners at the Melville Society Cultural Project, provides an overview of the exhibit and brief introductions to the principal themes.  

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Audio Tour Segments

Track 1.   600. Introduction (00:00:30)


Track 2.   601. The Sperm Whale Skeleton (00:01:16)


Track 3.   602. The Squid (00:00:53)


Track 4.   603. Whale Illustrations (00:01:41)


Track 5.   604. Legs and Arms (00:01:48)


Track 6.   605. Will the Whale Perish (00:01:55)


Track 7.   606. Whale Products (00:01:43)


Track 8.   607. The Whale Boat (00:01:56)


Track 9.   608. Whalers and Try-Works (00:02:08)


Track 10.  609. Subsistence Whaling (00:01:32)



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Last modified: June 15, 2016