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Inventory of the New Bedford Rayon, Inc., Records
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New Bedford Rayon, Inc., Records1946-1996
Mss 144 3 inches New Bedford Rayon, Inc.

Administrative, legal, and associated records of a New Bedford, Mass., rayon manufacturer, 1946-1996.

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Materials in this collection were donated to the New Bedford Whaling Museum by David K. St. Aubin, on February 18, 2014, as part of Accession #2014.14.

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Removed to Printed Collection – Corby, A. F. Theory and Use of Permanent Magnet Movable Coil and Movable Iron Types of Instruments: Illustrated with Cuts and Experiments, for Instructor and Student Reference, 1928.
– Elkouri, Frank. How Arbitration Works, 1952.
– Johnson, Thomas Henry. Tricot Fabric Design. Philadelphia: FMC Corporation, American Viscose Division, 1965.
– Kendall, James, Samuel Walter Hoyt, J. Colin. Moore, James Mitchell Kelso, Ellinor Garber, and Alexander Smith. A Laboratory Outline of Smith’s Elementary Chemistry, 1924
– Lincoln, E. S. Electrical Testing in Industry; Dedicated to the Conservation of Electrical Energy and Equipment, 1931.
Standards for Textile Testing, 1930.
Woven Floor Covering: Retail Sales Manual, 1949.

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Historical Note

The New Bedford Rayon Company was established in June 1928 as an offshoot of Delaware Rayon Company of New Castle, Delaware. Formed to meet a growing demand for rayon fiber on the part of New England textile manufacturers, the company commenced operations one year later in what had been the buildings of Manomet Mills at New Bedford, Mass. New Bedford Rayon Company grew at a steady rate between 1930-1950, supplying a world-wide market for different types of rayon yarn. The firm also manufactured rayon-based synthetic fabrics during this period, particularly through its subsidiary, New Bedford Knitting Company. In 1951, New Bedford Rayon Company became a division of Mohawk Carpet Mills, Inc., of Amsterdam, N.Y., and shifted its focus to producing rayon for use in carpets.

The company remained associated with the Amsterdam firm–reorganized as Mohasco Industries, Inc., in 1957– until 1969, then became a part of Empire Synthetics Corporation of Mt. Vernon, N.Y. Under the name of New Bedford Rayon, Inc., the company attempted to combat growing competition from other types of synthetic fiber producers by manufacturing dyed yarns as well as novelty and regular commercial grades of yarns. Sales, however, continued to decline, and this factor, when combined with increasing labor costs, high tax rates, and a serious fire at the mill, led to the liquidation of New Bedford Rayon, Inc., in September 1970.

Scope and Content Note

The New Bedford Rayon, Inc., Records consist of a collection of correspondence, textile industry-related documents, and legal paperwork created by the New Bedford Rayon, Inc. Company, dating from 1946 to 1996. The bulk of the items were created between 1989 and 1992, focusing on legal proceedings involving the company.

The collection is divided into two series, arranged by content: Textile Industry documents and Legal documents.

Arrangement of Collection Series A: Textile Industry Documents, 1946-1967
Series B: Legal Documents, 1989-1996

Added Entries
Business records–Massachusetts–New Bedford
Legal records–Massachusetts–New Bedford
New Bedford Rayon, Inc., Records
New Bedford, Mass.–Industries
Rayon industry and trade–Mass.–New Bedford
Textile chemistry
Textile fabrics–Mass.–New Bedford
Textile industry–Mass.–New Bedford
Textile machinery
New Bedford, Mass.

Inventory of Collection

Series A: Textile Related Documents, 1946-1967 [2 folders]

Materials related to the textile industry.

Box 1
Folder 1
Notes on textile process, 1946

Folder 2
Notebook, “Notes on textile production” taken by Leo F. St. Aubin, 1961-1967

Series B: Legal Documents, 1989-1996 [5 folders]

Legal materials related to New Bedford Rayon, Inc. lawsuit.

Folder 3
Three documents regarding lawsuit/legal proceedings, 1995

Folder 4
Four copied articles for defense in lawsuit/legal proceedings, 1995

Folder 5
Five legal documents, regarding lawsuit/legal proceedings, 1995-1996

Folder 6
Notes regarding lawsuit/legal proceedings, 1996

Folder 7
Legal document, regarding lawsuit/legal proceedings, 1996

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