Letter to Parents

November 4, 1870

Mss 12: Sub-group 1, Series A, S-s 2, Folder 15


                                                                    Naples, Italy

My dear Parents,

I wonder if you are having much colder weather than we are having here? It looks like snow tonight and I shall not be surprised if I see some on the ground in the morning.

Now that cold weather has really come with you I suppose you miss me more than through the summer as it was always about this time that I used to be at home a while just before going to New York for the winter. Well you must not think too much about it as I shall be at home again with you I hope before many months have passed away.

Do manage to have everything at home go on well and happily. Let that be your aim constantly there is nothing I desire more in connection with home affairs and you know there is nothing that gives me more pain than anything that puts you at variance with each other. In the winter while you are all together in the house it is harder for you to get along than at any other time and so I mention this so that you may try very hard so that when I return I may hear you all say that all has gone happily. I am sure if not for your own sake you must try for mine.

We are all very well with the exception of colds in the head and occasionally a twinge of Rheumatism. The weather has been so rainy that everybody has a cold or something of that sort.

I hope you will all keep well and be there to welcome me home. Don’t be at all troubled about me. I shall take care of myself you may depend upon it. I am surprised that Grandmother recovered again. I thought she had got so old that if she got sick again she would never recover.

We leave here the first of next week for “Amalfi” a place only a few miles distant. While we are there I will write you again. It is so late I will stop for this time. With love to you all.

Your affectionate son