Letter to Mrs Lydia Swain

January 21, 1872     

Mss 12: S-g 1, Series A, S-s 2, Folder 19


                                                                              Irvington New York Jan 21st 1872


My dear friend,

I came up last evening to spend Sunday and get a little rest, after a week of hard work. We had our reception two afternoons & evenings (Tuesday & Wednesday). A great many of our friends wished to see what we brought home from our foreign tour and it seemed better to have them all come at once and get through with it. It was a great success. We had over 500 people, the best and the most highly cultivated people in the city. I sold one picture during the reception and made arrangements to paint three or four more. We had such new and strange things to show our friends that they expressed a great deal of pleasure at the entertainment.

It left us pretty well used up for a day or two but now we are all right again. If we had not had a reception we would have been troubled every day during the winter so that it would have been difficult to work much.

Mr. Weiss has been achieving a very successful course of lectures here in NY. A few evenings since he gave a lecture on ———– that gave a great deal of pleasure then on Friday evening he gave “The Story of Empire”. He stays with Mr. Bigelow  when he comes to town. Last Thursday morning I took breakfast with him and had a very quiet satisfactory talk. He enquired particularly about you and wished to be remembered to you when I wrote you again.

He comes again next week when he expects to give a private reading at Mr. Bigelow’s house.

We had a great time here last evening. There are three young ladies visiting the family. We met them at Rye beach last summer.

We had some charades and afterwards Miss Anne Chase dressed up and gave us the character of “Jarah Ga mp”  from “Martin Chuzzlenut”

It was capital! Ive never seen it better represented.

I hope you will give my love to my best friends.

Say to Gabriella that I shall write to her about her pictures soon. I like them very much and I am on the hanging Committee this year and I shall try to see that they get a good place.


With my best love to you I remain

Yours affectionately, Robert