Letter to Parents

August 17, 1870

Mss12: S-g 1, Series A, S-s 2, Folder 13


                                                                                      Malaga.  South

                                                                                      Coast of Spain

                                                                                      Aug 17th 1870


Dear Parents.

Now that I have a little time I must write you so that you may know where we are.  It has been some time since I wrote you.  We arrived here day before yesterday in the evening.

We made a stay of a few days in London then pushed on towards the Continent  We arrived at Dover on the south coast of England Aug 10th and stayed one day and made some sketches before crossing the channel to Calais which we did on the 11th and reached Paris in such an excitement in consequence of the war that we concluded to get out of it at once so we hurried up what we had to do and through the next day and started on our journey again the next day the evening of the 12th.

The facilities for traveling as great here as at home and it is difficult to travel nights without considering the fatigue.  We travelled that night and the next morning We reached Bordeaux on the coast of France – the place where so much of our wine comes from particularly Claret.  We were rather tired but concluded to push on.  We found the scenery all through the north of Spain very wild and rugged and enjoyed it very much.  After another night in the cars we reached Madrid the capital of Spain – towards noon on Sunday last – the 14th.  We thought at first of staying there a day or two but it was so hot we concluded we had better push on and reach Mediterranean Ocean as soon as possible, so did not stay over night but took a nap in the afternoon and got rested, and then went and saw the splendid pictures at the museum and left on the train for Malaga in the evening and reached here night before last.  This is a pretty hot place but we keep quiet during the middle of the day and work early in the morning and in the afternoon.

We are well and shall do everything we can to keep it so.  Day after tomorrow we expect to leave on the steamer for Gibraltar where we will probably remain a month or so, and then we will find it cooler.

Do not be at all troubled in any way, take care of yourselves at home, write when you can.  I shall write to Mrs. Swain tonight. Farewell for the present.  With love to you all I remain yours




Give my love to Mrs Swain when you see her.


[Note on separate page]

Since writing this letter I have concluded that you had better send your letters to me in the "Care of George Hicks Esq. 64 Clarendon Road, W. London, England".

He is Tiffany’s  agent and when we go to any place to stay any length of time we will telegraph him and he will send the letter to us without delay.  Then again you will not get confused by continually changing — directions.