Sausalito Portuguese Heritage Walking Tour

Just across the Bay from the San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park is the town of Sausalito. Sausalito was a favorite anchorage for the first whalers who came to San Francisco Bay in the early 1800's due to the fresh water and timber which could be found there. In fact the cove at the southern end of the town was known as Whaler's Cove.  

Some of the crew members of those early whalers were almost certainly from the Azores and probably were among the first Portuguese settlers in the region.  From those origins, the Portuguese-American community in Sausalito grew until at one point it comprised an estimated 25% of the town's total population.  In 1888 that community formed a mutual support organization named the IDESST which come to be known today as the Sausalito Portuguese Hall.  

The Sausalito Portuguese Hall has recently created a self-guided walking tour of Sausalito and the surrounding area which covers 33 stops (including Whaler's Cove) which have a particular connection with the town's Portuguese-American heritage.  

The Sausalito Portuguese Heritage Walking Tour Guidebook (mobile file, 7mb)

The Guidebook is 92 pages long and can be printed out, or downloaded to a computer or mobile device, The mobile version is hperlinked above. For the full computer version visit the Sausalito Portuguese Hall's website.  


Last modified: September 3, 2014