Recent Acquisitions: 2014

2014.1  Pine box lined with sawdust containing several bottles of Ezra Kelley's Watch Oil. Gift of Paul N. Barratt in memory of Mary's Antique & Fixit Shop.

2014.2  Scrimshaw sperm whale tooth descended through family to donor, granddaughter of Jonathan Bourne, Jr. and Gideon Howland. Gift of Margaret Bourne Pedersen.

2014.3  Scrimshaw Fake: Tin box containing a wooden box with relief carved sperm whale affixed to lid. Gift of Rod Cardoza.

2014.5  Framed picture of the Newport Friends' Meeting House, a cane engraved "from Otis Webb to Geo. Barney", a framed oval photo of Captain Cornelius Howland, a framed silhouette of Peter Barney, a small metal safe deposit box with name L. C. Howland, Book Rules of Discipline of the Yearly Meeting, and a collection of papers relating to the Barney family with associated material pertaining to the Howland family, Abraham Gifford, and Edward Merrill. Gift of Nancy Anne Newhouse in memory of Anne Barney Sharp.

Sammy and Suzie Scallop postcard

2014.6  Two postcards of Sammy and Susie Scallop, New Bedford. Museum purchase.

2014.7  Miscellaneous ephemera and materials from home of longtime Dartmouth resident Gilbert V. Gonsalves. Gift of D. Jordan Berson.

2014.8  Several lumps of whale soap. Gift of Barbara J. Scott.

2014.9  Edward C. Cavenagh's June 3, 1872 – September 10, 1872 journal kept aboard the William Gifford's 1868 voyage. Gift of the Great-Grandchildren of Edward C. Cavenagh.

2014.10  Bags of anodized aluminum grommets and eyelets, assorted colors and styles made in Rhodes PCI Group plant in New Bedford. Gift of Mark Treadup in memory of Gilbert E. Butts.

2014.11  Nine reels of microfilm including Crew Journal, CSS Shenandoah – University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, 1889-1892 Yale University — Borden Gilbert's Journal – Pt. Barrow Refuge Station Journal, National Archives – USS Vincennes in Arctic Ocean log, March 1855 – March 1856, Waddell Manuscript – CSS Shenandoah, National Archives — Point Barrow Refuge Station correspondence 1884 – 1886, National Archives — Point Barrow Refuge Station logs 1891 – 1896, North Carolina State Archives – Military Records, Civil War Collection. CSS Shenandoah log book, October 20, 1864 – November 5, 1865, Bishop Museum Library – Log of the Whaling Brig Comet, December 14, 1864 – September 2, 1887, 1870 -1871, The Huntington Library, San Marino California – M.A. Healy Collection, and  Scrapbooks and mostly San Francisco newspapers 1880-1895. 3 books: Southern Ocean Cruising Handbook, The Nantucket Weather Book, and To the Denmark Strait: Oceanographers Search for a Mysterious Current.  Gift of John R. Bockstoce.

2014.12  Two whaling journals; Ira F. Luce, 1849 – 1854 and Orville and Laroy Lewis, 1861 – 1871. Given In memory of John Wood Hird, III.

Painting by Benjamin Russell of the “Ship JOHN”

2014.13  Painting by Benjamin Russell of the “Ship John”, circa 1840. Gift of Stuart A. Bangs.

2014.14  Collection of Documents relating to New Bedford Rayon. Gift of Leo F. St. Aubin.

2014.15  Fourteen daily journals, 1934–2002 kept by John Crapo Bullard, MD. Gift of John Crapo Bullard Family.

2014.16  Items from the Weeks Marine storefront on Water Street including an Adams & Hammond safe. Sunday Standard Times: Rotogravure Section, Marlboro Cigarette advertising premium, box of keys with hang tags, from various fishing vessels, autopilot navigational systems, RCA Model ET-8044 Radiotelephone and various shop signs. Gift of Loring and Joanna Weeks.

2014.17  Greenpeace Anti-Whaling Sticker.  Gift of Michael Dyer.

2014.18  Whalebone Azorean Whaleboat model with accessories, swordfish bill painted with mermaids & sailing ships marked “A.O.F.A 1986, Congressman Gerry Studds”, Gift of Dean Hara.

2014.19  Letter written by Elihu Gifford, captain of the bark Elizabeth, to E.P. Hathaway, managing agent, dated July 7, 1847. Gift of David Chesanow.

2014.20  Collection of family papers and manuscripts chiefly related to Jacob A. Handy. Contents include financial records, legal documents and correspondence, in addition to papers related to the Devol family and descendants of John White.

2014.21  Small glass medicine bottle from The Browne Pharmacy, 197 to 203 Union Street, New Bedford. Gift of Patrick Brown.

2014.22  New York Herald newspaper containing an detailed article on the bareknuckles boxing championship in 1860, and a print of “The First Step” circa 1852, both are related to important pieces of scrimshaw in the NBWM collection. Gift of Dr. Stuart M. Frank.

2014.23  Master folding nail file in blister pack, made by Payne Cutlery Corporation of New Bedford. Gift of D. Jordan Berson.

2014.24  Bottle of Whale Sperm Oil sold by Nick Wyshinski, Berwick, Pennsylvania . Gift of Gordon and Josie Woollam.

2014.25  Henry Wilcox autographed signed letter to his daughter. Gift of Michael & Julie Kukowski.

“The Harpoon Project” by Ilona Németh

2014.26  “The Harpoon Project” by Ilona Németh, including 1,000 ceramic harpoon heads and approximately 30 spare ceramic harpoon heads. Gift of the University Art Gallery, UMass Dartmouth and artist Ilona Németh.

2014.27  Blueback sea chart (Imray of London): Chart of the Northern Seas. Gift of Marshall R.Cook.

2014.28  One copy of Ballou's Pictorial, January 6th 1855 – June 30, 1885 (Vol. VIII No. 1 – Vol. VIII No. 26). Contains "Comprehensive Representation of all the Sailing Vessels and Steamships in the United States Navy", print, Vol. VIII No. 1 and an article documenting whaling (The Chase, The Hunt, The Capture, Trying Out). Anonymous.

2014.29  One bound volume containing Volumes I – II of "The Messenger", New Bedford, October 1893 – July 1895. Gift of Jane Briggs Fowles Finley.

2014.30  Collection of ten photographs depicting Brandt Island Road, Mattapoisett on the day after Hurricane Bob, 1991 and Five books/printed materials including ”Hurricane: September 14, 1944, Standard Times, “Hurricane:1954”, “Hurricane Bob: A Brief History”, “The 1938 Hurricane” and the Program of the 1991 “Miss New Bedford Pageant.” Gift of Stephen K. Desroches.

2014.31  Block maker's account book kept by William Luce, Mattapoisett. Copies of: a letter written to Captain John Holmes by I.H. Bartlett Jr., July 10, 1878, a tintype photograph of Captain John Holmes, a discharge certificate of John Holmes from the Mystic, 1863, and accounts kept on board the bark Sea Fox, 1887–1889. Gift of Lucile D. Baker.

2014.32  A pair of weighted bronze bookends portraying the Whaleman Statue. Gift of Judith A. Manelis.

2014.33  A Chinoiserie lacquered box and an embroidered shawl brought back from San Francisco, Three silver spoons. Gift of the Family of Alice Hawes Garside.

2014.34  PDF electronic copy of a Journal kept by Maxmillian van Ellewee Hager on a whaling voyage out of Cape Town (South Africa), November 18, 1937–March 22, 1938. Gift of Karl David Hager.

2014.35  Giclee print of “The Charles W. Morgan New Bedford Homecoming” by Arthur Moniz, No.2 of 25. Gift of the Morgan Homecoming Steering Committee.

2014.36  Inflatable wheel from dolphin cart and a canvas stretcher for carrying stranded dolphins, both items had been retired from service. Gift of the International Fund for Animal Welfare.

by artist Roderio Silva

2014.37  Collection of works by Portuguese artist Roderio Silva, produced in New Bedford circa early 1970's. Gift of Commandante Abel and Sandra Coelho.

Block from the CHARLES W. MORGAN

2014.38  Block from the Charles W. Morgan, Taken by donor off of the vessel when she was in Fairhaven in the 1920's. Anonymous.

2014.39  Collection of 21 glass plate negatives, whaling related. Gift of Jerrold G. Reynolds and Patricia A. Sullivan.

2014.40  Guatemalan textiles made by Olivia Garcia de la Cruz, including hand-woven guipil, belt and corte (skirt), child size. Gift of Oxib Batz.

2014.41  Bill of Lading for the schooner Adelaide  of New Bedford, date December 17, 1844. Gift of Aldo E. Giannelli.

2014.43  Book and papers pertaining to the 54’Th Massachusetts Regiment Memorial. Gift of Carl J. Cruz.

2014.45  One pair of hand-forged diamond shears used to snip hot glass, mid-20th century,  and one stainless steel glass blowing iron, c. 1981-2001. Gift of Alfred J. Aubut, Jr.

2014.46  Boston and Providence Railroad Corporation stock certificate, dated April 22, 1843. Gift of Jay Grinnell.

2014.47  Provisions list of Capt. Joseph Burt, Jr. dated 1863. Gift of Ralph W. Perry.

2014.48  Collection of slides of New Bedford, circa 1950. Anonymous.

2014.49  Sixteen tools from the collection of William Henry Schermerhorn, shipbuilder. Gift of Roger S. Hunt.

2014.50  One mounted woodcut block print of Charles W. Morgan and approximately 50 unfolded printed greeting cards with the same scene. One etching of a waterfront scene. All by Charles Childs.  Gift of Faith A. Childs.

2014.51  A collection of genealogies of the Leal, Goulart, and Cambra families. Gift of Rosemary Pereira.

2014.52  Narrative manuscript account of a whaling voyage made by Charles H. Place on board the bark Sunbeam of New Bedford, 1890-1893. Given in memory of John A.S. Pace, Sr.

oil painting by William Bradford

2014.53  One oil painting on canvas of 2 sailing vessels in icebergs, by William Bradford, unframed. Gift of Laurie Bunker.

2014.54  Whaling journal kept by Elijah Stoddard onboard ship Russell of New Bedford, 1820–1822. Frederic Arthur, master, and transcript of the journal. One piece of tapa cloth collected at Pitcairn Island. Gift of the Drinkwater and Storer families.

2014.55  One framed, glazed photograph "Deck Scene on the John R. Manta" 1906 by Harry Mandly, looking forward, crew working at gangway, a whale's head is on deck. Copy righted 1907 by A.C. Church. Gift of Richard Purinton.

2014.56  Half hull model of the Fah Ke. Gift of the Museum of the City of New York.

2014.57  Pairpoint button box commemorating New Bedford’s semi-centennial. Gift of Mark Amarantes.

2014.58  Collection of papers, books, recordings, photographs, slides and tools belonging to William Tripp. Gift of William Tripp.

2014.59  Framed photo of a trolley car on the New Bedford–Fairhaven Bridge, circa 1895. Gift of Richard Warburton.

2014.60  Two photographs: Charles W. Morgan and U.S.C.S. Thetis. Gift of William Ponte.

2014.61  New Bedford Yacht Club Board of Directors meeting minutes, 1873–1945. Gift of the New Bedford Yacht Club.

2014.62  4 Lantern Slides of Nye Oil. Museum purchase.

2014.63  31" Edson ship's steering wheel. Gift of Edson International.

2014.64  Fourteen watercolors and one ink drawing by Claus Hoie. Gift of the Helen and Clau Hoie Charitable Trust.

2014.65  19th century ship model of the three masted whaleship Oak from Nantucket. Gift of Richard Webb.

2014.66  Logbook from voyage of bark Wave, 1879–1882. Gift of Elana J. Parker.

2014.67  Photo albums and clippings, 20th century New Bedford. Gift of the Kenney and Duff Families.

2014.68  One incorporation document for Edison Electric Illuminating Company, May 5, 1884. One letter (2 pages) discussing consolidation of Edison Electric Illuminating Company into the New Bedford Gas and Electric Lighting Company, October 12, 1887. Museum purchase.

2014.69  Letter from George S. Boutwell, former governor of Massachusetts  and U.S. Secretary of Treasury to Prof. Louis Agissiz, naturalist dated 2/20/1873, regarding the work of Captain Charles Scammon in the North Pacific. Gift of James Sumich, PhD.

2014.70  Eleven digital images of the remains of Blue Whale "KOBO" in Middletown, Rhode Island during its recovery. Gift of Michael Moore (WHOI).

2014.71  One whaling journal kept by Benjamin Doane onboard the ship Athol of St. John, New Brunswick April 20, 1845 – April 27, 1852. Gift of Harriet Noble.

2014.72  Bound volume of The Philadelphia Album, and Ladies' Literary Gazette kept aboard the Nantucket whaler Phenix by David A. Mason, boatsteerer, during voyage from June 1840 – February 1843. Gift of Ryan M. Cooper.

2014.73  Diaries of Henry Chase Robbins (b. 1820 / 1821), mariner from 1831 – 1876 and master for 33 years. Gift of Betsy Robbins Strasser.

2014.74  Nashawena Mills employee pinback photo ID badge, No. 1065. Museum purchase.

2014.75  Framed collection of mounted Moby-Dick 1st Day covers with original art by Louis Sylvia. Gift of Elsie R. Silva, wife of New Bedford Postmaster Antone L. Silva.

Oil on canvas “Smoking Chimneys” or “The End of Whaling” by Clement Nye Swift

2014.76  One oil on canvas “Smoking Chimneys” or “The End of Whaling” by Clement Nye Swift. One whaling log book containing two voyages: ships Commodore Morris 1868 and Trident 1871. Gift of Margaret K. Rodgers.

2014.77  One roll of Schumacher wall paper with Charles W. Morgan design pattern. Gift of Kate and Paul Ouellette.

2014.78  Collection of Nashawena Mills materials belonging to Arthur G. Lenk, commercial jacquard designer. Original designs / sketches, sample of finished cotton cloth, book: Technology of Textile Design by E.A. Posselt, photograph of A.G. Lenk at work in mill (to be reproduced and original returned to donor), Lenk biographical notes, and items used by Lenks at work including slide rule, loupes, compass and leads. Gift of Elizabeth Wolstenholme.

2014.79  One watercolor painting of “Bark Wanderer at Wharfside” by James Cree, 1925 and one chromolithograph “Works of Clark’s Cove Guano Co.,” early 19th Century. Gift of Dorothea Bakulski.

2014.80  One partial journal kept by Asaph P. Taber onboard the Barclay (Ship) of New Bedford, MA, on voyage from July 1852 – April 1854, captained by Asaph P. Taber and one journal kept by Asaph P. Taber onboard the Maria Theresa (Ship) of New Bedford on voyage July 1842 – December 1844, captained by Asaph P. Taber. Gift of Peter Larson.

2014.81  Framed oil painting after Garneray's "Peche du Cachalot". Gift of the Family of Kinnaird Howland.

2014.82  Charles W. Morgan quarterboard movie prop used in Down to the Sea in Ships aboard the bark Wanderer. 1922. Gift of the Roland Mailhot Family.

2014.83  Breakaway links and swivels for fishing line to prevent marine life entanglements, apparently used. Sent to donor by the Maine Lobstermen's Association, Inc. of Kennebunkport, ME. Gift of Mr. Robert Ingalls.

2014.84  Jumbo Postcard of whaler model Lagoda, distributed by McGee's Photo Supply of New Bedford. Gift of Marilyn Zavorski.

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